GETTING TO IMAGINEXTREME BARCELONA FOR THE FIRST TIME: El Parc del Fòrum is the venue of imaginExtreme Barcelona 2016. To entry without accreditation, you must do it for the riders gateway (see GETTING AROUND post). After the security control, you must go directly to Rider Accreditation to complete the registration and pick up your welcome pack (rider bracelet, meal vouchers…)

RIDER WELCOME: On Friday 17th at 20:00 we will all get together at the venue and have something to drink together. We would like to have the chance to thanking you all live before everything get officially started.

SCHEDULE: Accreditation Center will open on Friday 17th at 9:30h. to 20h. and Saturday 18th at 9:30 to 14h. If you can’t do the accreditation at that time, please contact Rider Services. Medal ceremonies will take place on site right after each final. Within next days we will post competition schedule.

INSURANCE: You will be asked to sign a paper declaring you are insured & disclaiming the organizer of any responsibility. All riders have free physiotherapy service inside the Riders Lounge.

PRIZE MONEY: Will be bank-transferred to winners after the event. If you are one of the lucky ones to earn a price, we will need your id number, IBAN Bank account & SWIFT code (only for international transfers). Please be aware taxes will be charged.

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ACCOMMODATION: June is high season in Barcelona and hotels are really busy, so it could be a mission to find a place to stay. We suggest different options for staying in Barcelona along the comp:

  • Skate Hostel Barcelona: Accommodation for athletes at a reasonable price. More info:
  • Barceló Sants Hotel: Comfort at it´s max at mid price, buffet breakfast included, located in a legendary spot. Door to door train from the airport. More info:
  • Urbany Hostels: A nice money-saving option, up to 8 people cabins, chilled atmosphere. More info:
  • Generator Hostel: Good public transport links with a singular surrounding in one of the coolest hoods of Barcelona. More info:

COMPANION: When registering every rider will receive one extra accreditation, valid to enter the venue and the Riders Lounge. Companion must entry with rider and do the accreditation at the same time.

PETS: The entrance to the venue with pets is not allowed.

MEALS: Every rider will receive vouchers for a lunch-box.

CLOSING PARTY: We will celebrate the closing party on Sunday evening at the end of all competitions in the Central Park. You are all invited!