The action sports have been over recent years very present in Barcelona and this 2016 will again be the center of attention during the imaginExtreme Barcelona, ​​which will be held on 18 and 19 June at the Parc del Forum.

This year is the 7th edition of the imaginExtreme Barcelona, ​​which makes a big bet on small wheel sports such as skateboarding, scooter, inline, longboard and BMX.

The imaginExtreme Barcelona has an international seal that assures viewers see the best specialists in the world of different sports. The world skate female star Leticia Bufoni didn’t loose the opportunity to be in Barcelona action sports event last year; this imaginExtreme Barcelona 2016 the modality of scooter, will be the headquarters of the world final of the ISA (International Scooter Association) and, therefore, will feature the 50 best riders in the world of specialty.

The festival will not only be a show but also be a place where all attendees can use the Parks for the open practice, enjoy participatory activities or see the latest news about the sector in the Market.

Over the next few months will be announced developments that are beig prepared for the imaginExtreme Barcelona, ​​which is sure to come near the festival to all the loyal fans of action sports, music, fashion and urban trends.