ImaginExtreme Barcelona and Desperados present “Sunset Extreme Party”, the perfect combination of quality electronic music and the best action sports show in town.
We offer the perfect plan for Sunday 19th June..
Djs Viktor Ollé (Crappy Tuesdays) and BeGun (a reference electronics “made in Barcelona”) will liven the evening after a great day of adrenaline.

Take advantage of this pack: Action Sports Finals + Party for only 10€ anticipated / 15€ box office


BeGun is the young producer behind the Catalan Gunsal H. Moreno (Barcelona, 1983). Begun, who has been for years one of the leaders of the national electronic scene, has recently released his latest LP “Amma” (Fohen Records, 2016), in which we can appreciate a clear sound evolution regarding their old jobs. Begun, part of the so-called “bedroom-producers” offers a proposal for future electronic identity marked by complex harmonies that invite to travel.

Viktor Ollé

Viktor Ollé (1973) is a DJ and producer from Barcelona known in the scene for its elaborate sessions, his proactivity on plates and a bold commitment to national and international alternative music. Although Ollé didn’t started mixing officially until 2000, from very small he received the influences coming from rock, punk, new wave, glam and pop brit; genres that marked his style without being able to label 100% with any of them.