It was Sunday, 19:30 at night and in the Central Park the last competition of 4 long days of work in the Parc del Fòrum was taking place. With the sunset and the stands of the Central Park packed, the Fernando Park Battle began, the tribute to the beloved Fernando Pérez-Mañanet.

Here the formalities were over and a duel began between 10 scooter riders in which they took turns to try the craziest trick they have ever dared to try, a Jam Session of 45 minutes where there would only be 1 winner who would win €1500 and the golden belt.

One by one they launched themselves from the top of the centre to try those risky manoeuvres that are usually reserved for competitions. There were a lot of falls, but also a lot of wild stunts like the ones we show you below:

Hunter Frost


Lucy Evans

27 🌎 ISF🥈 🇬🇧🥇


Maty Pekárek

3rd IN 🌎 3rd IN 🇪🇺 🥉 1st IN 🇨🇿 🥇


Nils Qvarford

16th IN 🌎


Alex Pérez

Jr World Champion 2021🥇🌎
Second world champion jr 2018🥈🌎
Third world champion jr 2019🥉 🌎


Esteban Clot

Last winner of the Fernando Park Battle🥇


Jamie Hull

2 x UK CHAMP🥇🇬🇧


Jayden Sharman

UK champion, European champion, World number 2 🌍


Jordan Clark

5x World champion 🌎
3x European champion 🇪🇺

In the end, the undisputed winner was the legend Jordan Clark with a 9 flair bar, i.e. two and a half inverted turns and a handlebar twist, an impossible trick that took the audience’s breath away.


It’s for you, Fer