Voluntaris 2000, with the imageExtreme Barcelona

Voluntaris 2000 will collaborate with imaginExtreme Barcelona 2020.


Voluntaris 2000 is a non-profit organization that was born in 1992 in order not to lose the spirit of volunteering that emerged during the Barcelona 92 ​​Olympic Games. Since then, the association has collaborated with many sporting, social and cultural events that have taken place in the city.


The role of volunteers is always very important in any event as they bring a great spirit of teamwork. In 2020, the entity will be part of the team of the organization of imaginExtreme Barcelona in tasks related to the prevention protocol of COVID-19.


Volunteer work brings together small contributions to achieve great results. Collaborating on events of this caliber is a unique opportunity to experience from the inside out how these events are organized. In addition, volunteering fosters an altruistic spirit, teamwork, effort, solidarity, commitment, responsibility and respect for others.