Lifestyle in the imaginExtreme Barcelona

There are few days to begin the action at the Parc del Fòrum of Barcelona and the world of action sports to focus on the imaginExtreme Barcelona. Riders of high level and spectacular competitions will make this weekend unique. But not all the action will focus on three main venues (Central Park, BEO Park and Cross Track). Everyone will be able to enjoy the lifestyle that accompanies the action sports thanks to the market and to the activities that will be.

The DJ’s will play a very important role this weekend because located in the middle of the market the won’t stop playing music throughout the weekend. Do not miss it!

Jetlax, Paradis, DJ Huex + Felipe, All my frnds, Maluki Mc Jordan, Shocking W + Tropical Disaster, Mirlo + Maas, Supru & Krash, Dolor Garcia, Both Face, Porko and Crie, Blkswn, DJ Brutus, The Warehousers, Josh Calo, Olibr Karl & Viral, Efren Kairos, The Crapulates with Ricky Ricardo and Moreno Malo, Homiboy with Ricky Ricardo and Moreno Malo, Omnitrack + Nil Kashmir + Mc Primitive, DJ Rona, DJ Lion, El Tornado, Massacre Crew Mazeyes