What is the OPEN category?

This new competition format was created with the aim of giving the opportunity to compete at the highest number of local, national and international riders who have level enough to ride in the proposed skatepark and with the intention to qualify for the Qualifier PRO.

The way that this category should follow in the next editions is to welcome the future cracks of these modalities, those unknown riders who do not have the opportunity to be invited but can take advantage of the OPEN category to vindicate and enjoy.

On the other hand, it is the best way to promote the base and future of these modalities at a local and national level.

Fee inscription: 20€


  • 2 days pass for the event
  • Access to the skateparks: training and Qualifier Open (official schedule)
  • Medical insurance
  • Invitation for one person on Sunday in case the rider is classified for the Final Pro.

How to apply:

  • Fill out the application form.
  • Last day to fill out the application form: May 25th.
  • Riders will be selected through a sport filter: each rider will have to share a link video from Youtube / Vimeo / Instagram / Facebook with a clip of minimum 15” (3 tricks) so that the coordinators team can select the best ones.
  • Last date to receive confirmation of participation: June 5th
  • Payment method: bank transfer (it will be indicated by email once each rider is selected)

Number of riders

Skate 50 37 National
10 Foreign
3 winners of 3styleBCN
BMX 30 20 National
10 Foreign
In Line 40 20 National
10 Foreign
7 Girls
3 winners SAP 2016

*Si las plazas de extranjeros no quedan cubiertas se podrán ocupar por nacionales.



Skate 1a fase: grupos de 3 riders 2min
2nd round (top 15): groupos of 3 riders (round 45″ individual + 2min jam session)
Classified: best 5
BMX 1st round: 2 rounds of 45”
Classified: best 5
In Line 1st round: 40 riders groups of 4 riders 4 min
Classified: 5 men and 2 women