• The 15th anniversary features women’s competitions in all disciplines as well as a pioneering ParaBMX competition

  • A weekend full of free activities to enjoy with family and friends to discover or practice tricks with urban sports

This weekend promises to be a monumental celebration of Extreme Barcelona’s 15th anniversary. This free event will be packed with spectacular urban sports competitions and includes a packed entertainment agenda with activities for the whole family.

Known for its prominent role in the world of urban sports, Extreme Barcelona has taken a significant step towards gender equality by including women’s competitions in all disciplines, with 16 women riders in BMX, 19 women riders in scootering, 17 women riders in skateboarding and 12 bgirls in Breaking.

The female athletes, after years of tireless struggle, finally see their efforts recognised on the international stage. Every trick and jump in the women’s competitions is a powerful reminder that women are defying stereotypes and social expectations in the world of urban sports.

This inclusion of women’s competitions is a momentous milestone in the fight for recognition and visibility of women in urban sports. It demonstrates the Extreme Barcelona organisers’ commitment to promoting equal participation and sends a clear message of inclusion and diversity in the world of sport.

Women’s competitions will be featured in events such as the World Skate Scootering Pro Tour, the Spanish Breaking Championships, the International Skateboarding Competition, the UCI C1 BMX Circuit and the Spanish BMX Freestyle Park Championships. Among the outstanding participants are the 2023, 2022 and 2021 World Park Champions: Mia Catalano, Rebeca Ortiz and Lucy Evans, respectively. BMX Olympic medallists Charlotte Worthington and Nikita Ducarroz are also expected to be present, along with BMX national championship favourite Teresa Fernandez and Breaking BGirl Lola.

BMX stands out even more in this edition, as it presents a pioneering international inclusive and adapted competition in Europe, the ParaBMX, with riders from 8 different countries and with the aim of supporting Paralympic sport. Extreme Barcelona aims to include urban sports in the Paralympic programme.

Another exciting surprise is the Fernando Park Battle, which pays tribute to Fernando Pérez-Mañanet, a key figure in the promotion of scootering at the event. The bestrick competition in Central Park, renamed the Fernando Park Battle, promises excitement and rewards, including a boxing-inspired belt for the winner.

The anticipation is growing as we approach the weekend of action at Parc del Forum. Familiar faces such as Olympic medallists and urban sports legends are already here, preparing to showcase their skills and passion at Extreme Barcelona.

Extreme Barcelona has prepared a wide range of activities for both connoisseurs of urban sports and those who want to discover them for the first time, so that they can enjoy all kinds of activities. There are options for families and groups of friends, from open parks to learn how to replicate the tricks of the pros to many HotWheels activities including fingerboarding.

The Parc del Fòrum has everything you need to enjoy the whole day outdoors. The public will find markets with clothing shops, specialised brands and even a small tattoo studio for the more daring. In addition, there are food trucks with all the food options to suit all kinds of public, the protagonist of this 15th anniversary.

And that’s not all, as on Saturday and Sunday, in the Basket 3×3 activations of CaixaBank and Ball In, attendees will be able to enter the court to try different activities. For those who want to extend the day, on Sunday we will have concerts and freestyle battles that will put the rhythm to the event. There is no time to get bored in this 15th anniversary where all visitors will be able to access with their skateboard, scooter, bike or skates and feel even closer to urban sports.