• Extreme Barcelona, a benchmark in urban sports, celebrates its 15th anniversary, highlighting its adaptability and evolution of the sports scene


  • Outstanding athletes such as Danny León, BGirl Lola, Guifré Obradors, Daniel Dhers, Jordan Clark, Esteban Clot, Charlotte Worthington and Julian Molina are and will be authors of the best moments of Extreme Barcelona

Throughout its 15 years of existence, Extreme Barcelona has become a true pillar of the urban sports scene, an annual celebration that goes beyond a simple competition. This iconic event has witnessed the evolution and growing popularity of urban sports around the world. The 15th anniversary edition is a testament to its ability to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing environment.

In this new edition, Extreme Barcelona aims to surprise its audience like never before on 15, 16 and 17 September. The Parc del Fòrum will be transformed into an epicentre of sporting, artistic and cultural activities with free access, inviting everyone to be part of this unique experience. From passionate amateurs to experts in urban sports, this event will attract a wide audience who will be able to enjoy a full programme throughout the weekend.

Competitions in all sports disciplines will reach a level of excellence, with the participation of national and international athletes seeking their chance for the Paris Olympics. BMX, Scootering, Skateboarding and the prestigious Spanish Breaking Championships will take place on a world-class stage.

In this special edition, we also look back at some of the stories of riders who have become an integral part of Extreme Barcelona’s history:

One of them is Danny Leon, whose love for skateboarding was ignited by the construction of a skatepark in his own neighbourhood. His dedication and talent have led him to compete and win in renowned events such as Extreme Barcelona, FISE, Far N High, among others.

Bgirl Lola, is a 16-year-old Red Bull BC One champion and a standout in the world of Breaking. Her story is an inspiring one, as she has only been doing the sport for three years, but her determination and talent have led her to dance for Justin Bieber and write on a wall as a child that she wants to “win the Olympics”. Her future in the world of Breaking is promising and she could have a prominent role on the Olympic stage.

And we cannot forget Jordan Clark, a consistent competitor in the scooter world, with an impressive track record of victories in the Urban World Series. In this edition, he makes his debut with a custom helmet featuring all the medals he has won over the years.

Daniel Dhers, the charismatic BMX rider, has left an indelible mark on the sport, especially after winning the silver medal at Tokyo 2020 when urban disciplines made their Olympic debut. With his sights set on Paris, Daniel is preparing for his last “dance” on the bike, a dream retirement that will bring an end to a successful career.

Then there is Esteban Clot, who made history by becoming the first rider to perform a 360 backflip in the Scooter Park category during the Fernando Park Battle, a tribute to Fernando Perez Manyanet. His achievement is a reminder of the innovation and bravery that characterise urban sports.

And how not to mention our beloved Guifré Obradors, the first Spaniard to win a world medal in scooter, being the second best in the world in the street modality, an admirable merit especially when you discover that a scar in the retina with which he was born makes Guifré have a more distant perception of what surrounds him.

The event will once again feature Charlotte Worthington, a true Olympic winner. Her victory at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in the Women’s BMX Freestyle category catapulted her to stardom and marked a milestone in the history of the sport, and her presence at the event is a testament to her international prestige.

Finally mention Julián Molina, a true example of self-improvement who joins Extreme Barcelona in the PARABMX modality. Despite a devastating accident that resulted in the amputation of his left leg due to an infection, Julian never gave up his passion for bikes. Since childhood, he has been a lover of two wheels and has shown unwavering courage in facing his new life with determination. Today, he is an outstanding BMX specialist, capable of performing stunts that defy expectations.