• The Spanish Breaking Championships 2023 at Extreme Barcelona will serve as a stepping stone to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

  • Prominent BBoys and BGirls such as Lola, Grazy, Johny Fox and Lil Dani will join the exciting battle

The world of Breaking will be in full swing in Barcelona this weekend, where the eagerly awaited Spanish Breaking Championships 2023 will be held, an event that marks the road to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. This competition, which is supported by the Spanish Federation of Dance Sport, will award the winners in the absolute Bboy and Bgirl categories a coveted spot for the 2023 World Championships, which represents the ultimate chance to qualify for the Paris Games.

It will not be held in any way, but in the best way: within the framework of Extreme Barcelona, which celebrates its 15th anniversary. This event promises a real spectacle that is not only about competition, but also about the opportunity to secure a place at the World Championships in Belgium, with an eye on the next Olympic Games, everyone’s goal, so the public will have the opportunity to witness both veterans who have been in the Breaking world for decades and young promises who are ready to make their mark.

This event is not limited to just two categories, as the Parc del Fòrum stage will host six exciting categories: Bboy, Bgirl, Bboy Under 21, Bgirl Youth, Junior and Kids. And the best thing is that we will have the participation of talented exponents such as BGirl Lola, BBoy Grazy, BBoy Johny Fox and BBoy Lil Dani, who promise to raise the level of competition even higher.

The atmosphere will be charged with excitement and adrenaline, as along with these, more than 100 talented Bboys and Bgirls are expected to participate in this championship. In addition, the organization of the event has opted for local talent, with iconic figures of the Catalan Breaking as Dj B.Ross, the artist Drako Amgod, and members of the jury as Kadoer and Bboy Masta, who will bring their vast experience and knowledge at the highest level.