• The BMX Street contest returns to Extreme Barcelona with a higher level, bigger prizes and the participation of outstanding athletes such as Courage Adams.

  • Four local talents qualified through EsportCat Extreme in the 15th anniversary event that also includes other BMX categories

The BMX Street contest is a category that returns to take force in the Extreme Barcelona event, after a period of absence of several years. This modality is gaining more and more relevance in the BMX scene, and the next edition promises to be especially exciting.

To begin with, the competition will feature a larger number of athletes and a higher level of skill. This is due to two key factors: firstly, the increase in the prize pool, which has attracted outstanding talent from all over the world, and secondly, the hard work being carried out by our team of organizers and staff, who are committed to making this edition an unforgettable event.

Confirmed competitors include some of the most recognized names in the BMX Street world, such as Courage Adams, Alex Donnachie, Alex Kennedy, Mati Lasgoity and Anthony Perrin. These elite athletes will battle it out on the Street Plaza during the qualifying rounds and finals, promising a show full of awesome tricks and thrilling maneuvers.

The leading exponent of this category and well-known rider, Courage Adams, will lead the competition. He will be joined by other top international athletes to compete in the Street Plaza, guaranteeing an unparalleled level of competition.

In addition, four of the participating athletes will come from the BMX Street Esportcat Extreme qualifiers. These qualifiers were held over 5 events throughout the Catalan territory, with the aim of discovering and promoting the best local talent. Thanks to the support of the Consell Català de l’Esport, these events had their final stop at the Calafell skatepark on September 2nd, giving the competitors the opportunity to face the best in the world at Extreme Barcelona.

In this 15th anniversary of the Extreme Barcelona event, the presence of BMX will be more prominent than ever. BMX Street joins other exciting categories, such as the BMX PARK MEN & WOMEN UCI C1 Competition, the Hot Wheels Superchargers Junior Final and the PARA BMX Contest, which will also take place in the Street Plaza. With this diversity of competitions, the event promises to be a unique experience for all BMX and extreme sports lovers.