• The fifth and last stop of the EsportCat Extreme will take place on Saturday 2nd September at the Calafell skatepark

  • You can earn money skating on a skateboard, scooter or BMX and take advantage of the last chance to get a place for the Extreme Barcelona

Here comes your last chance to qualify for Extreme Barcelona. This Saturday 2nd September is the fifth and last stage of the EsportCat Extreme at the skatepark of Calafell. If you are over 16 years old, you can compete in the Scooter, Bmx or Skate categories. In addition, both the Skate and Scooter events will be part of the Catalan championship of both disciplines, endorsed by the Catalan Skating Federation. 
Winners will be rewarded with prizes, with €450 up for grabs for each sport. Participants will also earn valuable points towards qualifying for Extreme Barcelona. The overall standings are very close with just two weeks to go until the event. Only the top finishers in the four disciplines will earn a place at the renowned Extreme Barcelona, one of the biggest in Southern Europe, which also celebrates its 15th anniversary from 15-17 September in style at the Parc del Forum.

The timetable of the EsportCat in Calafell will be as follows:
– Scooter: 10:00h-12:00h
– BMX: 12:00h-13:30h
– Skate: 17:00h-20:00h

BMX registrations will be made on the spot at the skatepark. However, registrations for scooter and skate should be made through these links:

The riders will arrive in Calafell with everything to decide and with the chance to win the pass to show their talent on the same stage as the great international promises of the Urban Sports. Don’t miss the opportunity to show your potential, as this is a unique occasion.