– The event will host the Spain Cup from September 15th to 17h and the winners will be awarded a spot on the 2023 World Cup
– Local talent and well-known figures from catalan Breaking will join the event

The Breaking Spain Cup 2023 joins the activities schedule of the prestigious Extreme Barcelona, which has a guaranteed show for its 15th anniversary. Parc del Fórum will witness the talent of the best Bboys & Bgirls from Spain, who will seek not only victory, but also the pass to the World Championship in Belgium, that will award to the winners the chance to compete at the next Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Breaking has experienced an astonishing growth over the past years after its inclusion in the Olympic Games, and in Catalonia, it finds the ideal space to consolidate even more. With the recognition of Breaking as a sport, Catalonia can provide strong support for this discipline and allow its athletes to benefit from this status, and there is no better platform than Extreme Barcelona to highlight these new trends that are captivating younger generations.

More than 100 talented Bboys and Bgirls are expected to participate in the championship, which ensures an intense competition to represent Spain on the world stage. Currently, the Spanish team already has qualified athletes due to olympic ranking, over the ones we can find Ana Furia from Barcelona and Bboy Xak from Cordoba, who have already secured their place in the World Championship. On the other side, for others such as Johny Fox from Sant Joan Despi & Bgirl Law from Granada, there’ll be an intense competition for the valuable spot for the World Championship.

The organization of the Breaking Spain Cup has an ace up its sleeve by betting on the local talent. Iconic figures from catalan Breaking will take part of Extreme Barcelona by joining the staff. Among them, we can find Dj B.Ross, & the artist Drako Amgod. Kadoer and Bboy Masta make an appearance as judges, bringing to the event their vast experience and knowledge.

The vibrant and adrenaline-filled atmosphere of the Breaking Spain Cup 2023 

El ambiente vibrante y lleno de adrenalina del Campeonato de España de Breaking 2023 in the framework of Extreme Barcelona will undoubtedly leave its mark on the Breaking world and open up new opportunities for athletes who dream of reaching the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Lovers of this discipline will have an unmissable date to witness the talent and passion of the best Bboys and Bgirls in Spain in search of world recognition.