The imaginExtreme Barcelona kicks off with the Spanish Scooter Championship

  • The imaginExtreme Barcelona bets on local riders and hosts the Spanish Scooter Championships
  • The imaginExtreme Barcelona, ​​has a maximum security Covid protocol, to make a safe event for everyone.

The imaginExtreme Barcelona has started, and the first competitions have been held today at the Parc del Fòrum in Barcelona. Although today was a day reserved for the finals of the Spanish Scooter Park and Street Championship, the storm forecast for Saturday 7 November has forced the skate street finals to be moved to the first day of the event.

The Forum, without an audience, has not had the warmth of the people, but the grand finals have been followed in streaming through the Urban World Series YouTube channel, as well as the finals that will be held on Sunday. The bet of the imaginExtreme Barcelona by local riders has been certified today, with the celebration of some spectacular Spanish Scooter Championships.

The Spanish Scooter Championship, hotly contested

The weather was not the best for racing today. The cloudy skies and strong wind seemed like they could hurt the competition, but the young scooter riders did not shrink from the conditions and provided a sight to see.

In the Catalunya Central Park, the semifinals and finals of the Spanish Scooter Championship have been played in the park mode. In this competition the semifinals and the final have been held. The riders did a 45 second round of tricks with best trick. The competition has been very close, until Ruben Doniga has come out to do a brutal round, which has given him the first position. Diego Puche and Rafa del Valle followed to close the podium.

The semifinals and finals of the Spanish Scooter Championship in street mode have been contested at the Barcelona Street Plaza. The competition format has been the same as in the park mode and the show has also been brutal. Guifré Obradors took the victory after a brutal round, followed by Edu Cortés and Pol Román.